1. family µf
  2. STAGE 4 : FAMILY TREE (2004-2007)
  3. b
  4. BODY 3 : The branches are the visible part and the inversed reflection of the roots, which are invisible.
  5. The main technique is digital picture- All these picture are the witnesses of the creation of the artwork M structure in my art studio. M Structure can be perceived such as a third dimension, invisible to the eyes, but the origin of all the series.




Serie 1

Serie 2

Serie 3

Serie 4

Serie 5

Serie 6

Serie 7

Serie 8

Serie 9

Artwork's title in french

Réflexions binaires

Réflexions extra terre

Réflexions d'énergie cellulaire

Réflexions dif dim

Réflexions éparses

Identité émotionnelle

Identité émotionnelle lumineuse

Identité émotionnelle obscure

Homme dans la structure M