1. STAGE 6 : FAMILY TREE - serie "Pouvoir être arbre" et "Plus de défense ?" "Relation Durable?"

    The artwork os Stage 6 are all kinetics, the aim is to integrate the spectator into a new structure of reflection, what I call the "M Structure"


SERIE "Pouvoir être arbre" et "Plus de Défense?"

SERIE made in NEW-YORK "Relation Durable ?"


Serie paintings - "Difference between Reflections and Expressions"

The artwork of stage 6 are all kinetics : they change with the ambiant atmosphere. This artwork plaiys with the visitor's point of view. If the visitor adopts an extremely right point of view or extremly left, he will lose the circular reflection. But if he decides to choose a central point of view, he will integrate into the structure , which is the base of the artwork. When discovering this artwork on the Internet, is it impossible to perceive the depth and transparency.

    Même oeuvre vue à différents moments