1. STAGE 9 : WRITING and LANGUAGE - Series title: " Etudes 3M " 2016 in process
  2. The purpose of this series is to relearn, to read and to write. This series showcases a language out of a dualistic structure and system. It is an invitation to take a stance and to go beyond a dualistic system. The system of writing wants to be representative of the 8 billion of us. The pages below are the translations of the book " Impression d'Afrique "
  3. The Language 3M retains the same organization as the western alphabet. The difference here is that each letter is represented by a throuple. All the artworks interact with solar light and the surrounding atmosphere.


Technique : découpage dans adhésif réfléchissant arc-en-ciel, collage sur feuille de papier format raisin


  • Visuals on Left : Alphabet of the language at two different moments.
  • Visual on Right : Translation of the book " Les impressions d'Afrique " by Raymond Roussel.