1. EXHIBITION "M Toi" - at the Elizabeth Couturier Gallery
  2. Installation " M Recto Verso" (Etape 7)- "Pouvoir être arbre" (Etape 6)
  3. The aim of this exhibition can be seen in two ways. 1) Put the spectator in the heart of the creative process. We can see that here, the viewer is the masterpiece. 2) To Show the complete process of the rainbow shadow. The artwork ( stage 6) shows a creative process which allow the people to integrate into the circular reflection structure. The particularity of the structure is the rainbow coulour shining everywhere on the surface. After the integration into the cell structure, the viewer is invited to enter in a light installation and becomes aware of his new shadow ( artwork stage 7)
  4. After the integration


the installation without the spectator : neutral light atmosphere
The installation when a persone comes into the light's installation space
When the spectator becomes aware of his new shadow

The viewer integrate into the circular reflection structure

After the integration, the spectator can view her new shadow