1. EXHIBITION "You are In" - City hall Paris - 2014
  2. Installation "Influence" (Stage 9) - VIdéo "Ombre arc-en-ciel" (Stage 7 7) - "Pouvoir être arbre" (Stage 6) - "Expressions de l'arbre" (Stage 5)

Creative process of the installation Influence

I asked people to share their reflections and thoughts regarding the human rights , once collected the information gathered is edited it on adhesive tape which are generally used to label folders for the manager in company

The installation "Influence" is enterely composed of label printer with messages.

Then the serie "Pouvoir être arbre" invited the spectator to integrate a structure of circular reflection, the base of the artwork (depht 7cm from surface)

The video of the light instalation "when shadow becomes rainbow" played at the center of the exhibition.