Biography in 4 dimensions:

The first dimension: My childhood in a small and close-knit family. My mother instilled in me the values of consideration of others, generosity and kindness. I never heard anyone in my family criticize someone else. We never talked about the dangers of the world. My father and mother created a nest, with my sister, 4 years older than me, who I learned to get along with, and who taught me that competition was unnecessary. I also have a brother, one year younger than me, with whom I have a very close relationship. In my childhood I learned to balance being dominated with being dominant. We grew up in the countryside in a small village, our garden was surrounded by cherry trees.

The second dimension: My adolescence, with the discovery, in a suburban college, of the mad world and its dark side: its violence, its divisions and its mistreatments on all levels. In 1990 my family moved 20 km from Paris, to the Val d'Oise department.

The third dimension, with my first adult decisions: The main decisionduring this period was to challenge the education system, western culture and formation. Then to call into question human identity. It's with this question, "who are we at our core?" that I began my 7-year stay in South and Central America. My first choice and action as an adult was to practice meditation. My main preoccupation was how to go beyond fear, how to better understand my emotions in order to assert my will. In my twenties I had a lot of energy, and I wanted to learn how to manage this energy and what to do with it. When I was 22 I went into deep meditation; I spent one year entirely closed off from the world in a studio to express and explore my memories through painting and practicing meditation. I was able to develop a unique sensibility and experience of perception. These experiences allowed me to trust in myself and to question the media and current capitalist system. I made the decision to move to South America , and then to the Carribean, and I also spent three years in Guatemala, living for the most part without electricity and running water. I lived with Native Americans and experimented with their memories and knowledge. My closest friends were shamans. During this period I also had a one-year stay in Australia and the United States.

The fourth dimension, from 2004 to 2020: I returned to Europe in 2004, and decided to reintegrate into the capitalist system in order to develop my artwork and to share my experiences with western culture.
Since then, I have been sharing my artistic work, which has been complicated to communicate, because the art world is so saturated and also closed. I also threw myself into working with the upper management of companies in the energy, transport, and defense industries. I tried to share my artwork with, and to inspire, CEOs and managers. I also have tried to balance my personal life between North and South, East and West. Through my work I have become a connection between disciplines and fields of knowledge, by studying physics, biology, philosophy, and I have learned many techniques to further the reconciliation of industry and art.

Aim of the artwork :

  1. Sharing experiences
  2. to connect to all living, through the tree and sun
  3. To reconciliate Nature, Culture and Industry
  4. To learn about other cultures
  5. To interact with cell structure
  6. To balance the physical body with microcosm level and macrocosm.
  7. To change of Dimensions
  8. To create bridges, uniting disciplines
  9. To participate in system evolution