1. STAGE 9: WRITING AND LANGUAGE - series "Etudes 3M" - 2016 in process6 in process

    Following the line of previous stages, the proportional coefficient of the rainbow becomes a written language. Stage 9 is formed by three processes of written language, one performance and many installations.

    The occidental alphabet has experienced three transformations. The first one transforms every letter in a ternary principle. The second transformation is to get this ternary principle in whirlwinds (quote reference from Guillaume Logé below). The third one showcases and takes back a writing revealed by Henri Corneille Agrippa in his XVI century writing book.

  2. Michel Serres, "History starts with the discovery and use of writings."


Technique: cutting of adhesive tape that reflect a rainbow, collage over school board

George Bataille,"Erotism aims to reach the most intimate being, the one with lack of heart. To reach the most intimate being is also the worry and the goal of art and poetry."

Guillaume Logé : "The motif for the spiral has a spiritual and universal nature. It represents the force for activation and the achievement of unity." Renaissance Sauvage


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