STAGE 8 : About society today and what society could be.

Developing two series in contradiction. One showcases blocked doors, and the other creates paths lined by totems of stacked materials. An educational stage considering what is going right and what is going wrong.

Visual on left : A door is blocked by a cross composed of figures and illustrations taken from history books of religious wars, such as the Saint-Bartholomew's Day Massacre andthe 100 Years War…




Visual below : 3 doors

Visual on right

Totems show the path .
Totems are composed of stacked shoes painted in white and black, as well as masks and photo frames.

Visuels ci-dessus : 3 portes à la réflexion arc-en-ciel dont l'accès est obstrué

à gauche la porte composé des figures amérindiennes, asiatiques...

Au milie et détail visuel de gauche ;; la porte X


Visu ci-dessus et ci-dessous :

Installation et exposition : Le Passage