Three paths make up Laure Molina's life journey:

A geographical path: Molina has lived in six different cultures between 1996 and 2010. She has discovered a multicultural way of being, which forms the basis of her artistic career.
An artistic path: She has developed her artistic work in stages; to date 11 stages exist, 10 of which are visible and presented on this site, and in which she employs multiple techniques.
And a path between knowledge and power: Involving economic and political exploration, direct experience, missions and contracts in the highest echelons of the economy and in government, while the trajectory of her artistic work is being realized.

For Molina, creating an artistic piece is as fundamental as structuring a director's time, reading all the files in progress and having access to all the information in the different spheres of today's society. One cannot propose effective systems without knowing what's going on. Communication through the media and the press is insufficient, and sometimes even truncated.


Cultural - Every human being should have access to the best practices of the various existing cultures, so that they can adopt them in their lives.
Laure Molina has adopted: 1) meditation, from Buddhist Asian cultures, 2) the Indian dual feminine positioning (Shakti and Kali) in its relationship to the masculine, and 3) from Guatemalan and Amerindian cultures, connection to the living, a relationship with the trees, the sun and the universe - the multiple point of view.
Ecological - Laure
Laure Molina has lived for many years without running water or electricity, and above all without paying taxes to any government authority. She sees no other way to achieve true ecology.
Politics - Green energy, left-wing sensibility, right-wing reasoning… that it's complicated to distribute wealth without producing it. In favor of the recognition of the blank vote, in order to integrate personalities chosen by the people according to their past and present actions, no longer according to their program. More and more an anarchist will.
Economic - Certain patents should be dug up and existing markets left in their place...
Artistic- Multiple techniques, following on from kinetics in its intention to enhance light, iridescence and diffraction. Making art out of life, as Robert Filliou introduced it. Going beyond all limits, see the three paths of Molina's career above.




Working objectives :

- Sharing experiences

- Connect with the living, relate to the here and now, the sunlight, the trees
- Reconciling nature, culture and industry, finding points of balance
- Learn from other cultures
- Consciously interact with each other, while connecting to the cellular structure
- Shifting dimensions, balancing the body between the microscopic, the physical, and the macrocosm
- Living at Pont, developing methods, being transdisciplinary, for a constructive and positive evolution.