Sources of inspiration :

- 8 native cultures ( mainly indigineous central American or Australian)
- 7-year stay in South and Central America and the Caribbean, one year in Australia, and 6 months in NYC
- Intuition, meditation, connection with nature
- Studies of fire and water (shamanism indigineous American technique)
- Felix Guattari
- Nicolas Bourriaud
- Hunbatz Men

Interactions :

- Several authors and philosophers such as Edgar Morin,
Pierre Montebello, Felix Guattari, Friedrich Nietzsche, Plato's allegory of the cave, the Atomists, Héraclite...
- The Einstein Theories and quantum mechanics (Quantum physics ot the person is called physicist / A physician is a medical doctor)
- Julio Le Parc's artwork
Inspiration of Alighiero e Boetti, to link my artwork to craftmanship, from developing countries.