1. EXHIBITION solo show "SOMMES -NOUS ?" - at the Elizabeth Couturier Gallery
  2. The principal aim of the exhibiis to explore these questions through a creative artistic process
  3. The principal aim of the exhibition is to explore these questions through a creative artistic process:

  4. What is the coherence of an extreme political party in an international context ?
    Is the relationship one shares with another the embryo of all social systems? How can we improve this relationship?
    Why does political power start with the division between left and right ?


The installation : "Sommes-Nous" created in 2015

The installation is composed of : Letters woven by a member of the Salasaca community in Ecuador and Waste-paper baskets made in China

Politikos : serie of painting - drawings - and print

To reach the etymological root of Politics



Light installation fixed on a plywood structure created in France meant to exhibit industrial productions with artistic and artisanal creation.

Installation Podemos : ( picture above and below details)

Finally the politicians names are integrated into a thirdimensional software, which creates a depth to the names. The names forms a group which are presented in a circular position (see below)



The politician’s names are integrated into D.N.A form. They are sublimated onto polyester .- Sublimation is an industrial technic.